Friday, April 20, 2012

I will keep speaking out.

In 2007 I began this blog for my walk from Faslane Trident Sub Base in Scotland to London England, beginning on May 29th and ending on August 6th anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I walked as Gandhi in order that I might communicate to all persons the critical need to reorder our lives to prevent possible catastrophes from any or all of the sources: nuclear war, nuclear power, fossil fuel depletion, natural resource loss, climate change. Now, these threats are more imminent and on the verge of catastrophic results.

Climate Change: I spent four hours on April 16th at The Evergreen State College attending a xTED seminar which revealed the analysis that we have four to five years to curtail our emissions before they get out of control. Actually, they are out of control already. The need is to reverse them by 80 % just to limit the already serious damage. We are now at 390 parts per million (PPM) of carbon dioxide, while 350 PPM is turning point. Depending on what we do, the temperature could go from 2 C to 6 C by 2100. We are on track to reach 6 C by 2100!!! We could go from local disasters to global hell.

Natural Resources: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a study recently stating that we are on track for economic disaster by 2030 if we do not end our headlong consumption of natural resources with our business as usual way of life. The study used models which came close to the same results as The Limits to Growth revealed 40 years ago. The variables of food, services, industrial output, pollution from a global perspective were examined with the outcome of precipitous decline in population if we do not change now. See for an interview of Dennis Meadows, author of The Limits to Growth.

Nuclear Weapons: On January 5th I was convicted with six other persons who blocked the gate to Sub Base Bangor on Mother's Day, May 2011. The judge would not allow me to present the full evidence in my statement making the case for abolishing nuclear weapons based upon International Humanitarian Law. The prosecutor objected to my quoting the Washington State Constitution and the United States Constitution that we, citizens, empower the state to govern on our behalf and have the Nuremberg responsibility to challenge our government's deleterious actions. The judge sustained the motion. My statement also showed that the United States of America is preparing the next generation of nuclear weapons in the spirit of the cold war and not pursuing the abolition of nuclear weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty. The expression of this evidence was denied. (This week India tested a missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons up to 5000 miles distant.) See my web site for a copy of my statement,

I continue to resist and to educate here in the US and India. We are in for growing troubles due to these humanly created causes, which are compounded by natural disasters, like the Fukushima tsunami and Japan's nuclear power plants. No one knows how these daunting issues will play out with what results. I'm growing food, simplifying my life, walking and biking as much as possible. I will do all I can to change these realities. I depend on you.


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