Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Journey Continues

In my last post, I discussed the Afghanistan boys efforts to bring peace. In that message I mentioned my words of Gandhi: "In nonviolence courage is in dying, not in killing." These Afghan boys have taken the words seriously by quoting them in the statement for their journey to Afghanistan villages and towns to bring peace. I have maintained my relationship with these boys. During recent months, the message has been brought to youth and adults in many parts of the world by skype communications and personal contacts. They and we are now connected to "Friends Without Boarders." I have taken the message to India, especially to the International Youth Peace Festival in Chandigarh last September. 900 youth from 20 nations participated.

In addition to portrayals in the United States I have been to India three times during 2010 bringing Gandhi to Delhi, Aurangabad, Ahmadabad, Rajsamand, Jaipur, Kota, Sardarhalar and Pune. Most of these appearances were with international participants. (I must add that this blog has been neglected during these trips, usually due to the difficulty in accessing the Internet. I regret this because the experiences were very rich.)

I continue to maintain the same basic message with which I began this blog in 2007. I believe that humanity is at a crossroads: we must address climate change; we need to find sustainable energy resources to replace fossil fuels; water must be conserved; natural resources are being exhausted; living species are disappearing. I continue to emphasize that humanity must overcome its fears and greed by making sure that all humans have their rightful share to basic needs of food, shelter, work, health and education. And, war must be abolished along with the weapons of mass destruction. No matter what my audience, children or adults, I encourage living by truth and love as Gandhi taught, while we seek to "become the change we seek in the world."

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