Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carrying the message on

The Round Table Conference was held at the World Peace Centre in Pune India on August 1St and 2Nd. The theme was "Role of Science and Spirituality in Promoting a Culture of Peace in the World." This subject is right up my ally! Followers of this blog would recognize my comments because I have been saying that unless we humans begin acknowledging the ultimate Truth of the universe, nature, and humanity and live by the laws of nature, we do not have much future on this earth. As an invitee to this Conference, I had the opportunity to elaborate on this theme and to apply it to global climate change, fossil fuels and natural resources, and to war, in particular to nuclear weapons.

Attendance was from around the world. I had opportunity to rub elbows with people from New Zealand, Belgium, the Philippines, Africa, other Americans, and, of course, Indians. Since I spent eight days at the Centre, we were able to exchange experiences and insights informally. These were very rich. Two contacts expressed interest in inviting my Gandhi presence to participate in their service projects for the poor villages and communities. I am edified by the work my new friends are doing for humanity and look forward to working with them.

Dr. Karad, who founded and leads the World Peace Centre, hosted this Conference and related activities with his usual vigor and energy. (I had participated in the January 2008 Congress for Youth and a Culture of Peace.) We had the opportunity to attend local Hindu Peace religious services and to visit Gurukul, a unique higher education campus incorporating the principles of science and spirituality. From India's millennia of history, culture, religion, a deep expression of human meaning and direction arises. Gurukul expresses this through modern lenses.

I do not know how well my message was heard, certainly it was heard and expressed by others. I made a resolution challenging the scientists to apply their skills to resolving the three major issues I identified. The resolution was cited in concluding remarks. The Conference will be reporting out to leaders, philosophers, scientists around the world. I continue to belief that we need a grassroots "uprising" to spur official world leaders to act with urgency and immediacy.