Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unusual action: boycott peace meeting

Last Saturday I took the unusual step to boycott the Western Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) Washington Spring Assembly. The Spring Assembly is held every spring to review and coordinate the FOR's peace making efforts among the chapters. I facilitated the planning process which led to the initiation of the Spring Assembly several years ago. I respect FOR and all the folks who attend these activities. The agenda for Saturday's meeting was good, but lacking. Also, I believe that anyone and everyone trying to help people and society live peacefully and justly today should be respected and honored. It's a growing uphill struggle due to the issues of the day and the continuing shifting of the United State's budget from people needs, indeed the very US infrastructure, to military weaponry and war making. But, the agenda ignored the dominating events affecting the whole works.

I advocated that an opening analysis of the global situation be presented at the Spring Assembly so that workshop deliberations would be able to reflect their concerns in this context. This includes the reality that the earth is in rapid climate change. I take the cue from experts who say we cannot continue "business as usual." This includes the apparently "out of control" food crisis due to the increase costs. 100 million people have been recently brought to starvation risk, and more added daily. Food riots in over a dozen countires. This includes peak oil realities, actions the US is taking which contribute to the food crisis, and social/political crisis. This includes the US military budget of over one trillion for 2008 (when you add in all the hidden costs in the budget) supporting the "full spectrum" military options including nuclear weapons, and more. And, there is a growing sense that the US will attack Iran between May and August.

A year ago I began this blog with a walk from Faslane Scotland to London. The message was the same. I am only updating it. I could not not take this stand last Saturday. In fact, I have been evolving my analysis and message for the last several years and acting upon it. I will not stop the death and destruction. Nor will FOR. I could not stay alive by ignoring these realities and doing what I can, which is still not all that I can, puny as the efforts are.

The reason I share this is to keep walking the talk, to encourage you to join in your own way.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An UNWANTED REALITY, US imperial madness

How far and how long can this war destructive power go? War destructive power is the weaponry with its driving engines created by human scientists and engineers. Nukes, missiles, submarines, jet airplanes, etc are commonly known weaponry and delivery means. Now, much more is in the works. I just returned from Omaha Nebraska where the Strategic Command at the Offutt Air Base is located. Stratcom for short. The long of it takes pages just to name. Americans and the world have little idea of what is concentrated there.

President Bush fled to Offutt on 9/11. Offutt has been transformed since then, a secret needing revelation.

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space (www.space4peace.org) put on a conference: "Stratcom: The Most Dangerous Place on the Face of the Earth." It was hosted by Nebraskans for Peace (www.nebraskansforpeace.org.) I strongly urge you to go to these websites to acquire basic information and resources about this concentration of military power and intelligence.

We began the Conference with a vigil at the gates of Offutt Air Force Base in blustery wind and rain. People from around the world were present, including leaders I met while walking from Faslane to London last summer and while attending conferences in India last January. In that bitting Midwest cold we joined arms to take note of the horrors for death concentrated there and to commit to resisting them. That evening a moving presentation by Native Americans simply asked for what it takes to "live." The Conference then proceeded to present in detail the many components present at Stratcom. All the intelligence operations, the worldwide networks of military bases, the air, sea, land, and space weaponry, and so-called Missile Defense commands were laid out in graphic presentations. In US policy terms this is the command post for "full spectrum dominance." From what is considered conventional to nuclear weapons the US is establishing an intentional system to be able to attack any threat to "US Security" on earth within an hour's notice.

Perhaps, the most cynical and depressing situation I observed was the workshop about plans for the moon and planets. A physicist said that her acquaintances in science for space had given up on the viability of planet earth. They are laying plans to establish a base on mars with further conquests expected. And, these are bright people? Who will pay? US taxpayers from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, social programs.

My first mail upon returning home included an appeal to defend Social Security and Medicare from George Bush's proposed 2009 Budget. $556 billion cut in Medicare over the next 16 years. $150 billion in insurance industry profits over the next ten years. Privatizing Social Security with $30 billion in fiscal 2009. This could be a "healthy" beginning to pay for weaponry and space colony development!

The backdrop of this conference for me is the soaring food prices, energy costs, and global climate change effects already happening. These could be ameliorated by a "crash program" to save planet earth along with the poor people and the species being vanished.

A proximate addenda, a young man I met and roomed with from St. Louis handed out an appeal for people of renown to move to Estafan Iran until the danger of US attack on Iran has passed! St. Louis Boeing has developed a 30,000 pound Massive Ordinance Penatrator for Iran. B-2 Stealth Bombers at Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri have been prepared by widening bomb bays to deliver them to Estafan, home of Iran's largest nuclear reactor. (www.ironpeaceshield.org)

I felt I was in a fantasy land at this conference as I watched the videos and photos of cyber space. Yet, the 2003 war on Iraq was directed here in Midwest USA. This is real, delusional as it is.

Thursday, April 3, 2008



Called by the heart to find a way
Find a way, find a way, a way, a way
The violent human way must go away
We are wasting away the life sources
Wasting away, away, away
Life sources, sources for living,
The species are going, going away
200 a day, 200 a day, a day, a day,
200 a day, species going away.
The human species will fade away, fade away
Killing the species which feed the human,
Killing the species which feed the human.
Killing the species for living.

New visioning
New visioning to save the day, save the day
We need new visioning to save the day.
Village celebration, every day, every day
Village celebration to save the day
Working, walking, talking, taking, taking time
Time spent in the village to save the day
Natural food, back working food, hand to mouth food
To save the day.
New visioning, new living, new ways
To save the day.

By Bernie Meyer
March 31, 2008