Wednesday, October 31, 2007

History's Perspective

The wages of our times are products of history. Realizing that the rise of the "American Superpower" cannot be separated from the trends which go back in time indefinitely gives understanding to today's events and to tomorrow's possibilities. The Superpower cannot dominate the trends and their effects. And, the less the Superpower recognizes them, the less She will be effective. The United States as Superpower is attempting the impossible by seeking to dominate the earth's human organization, the global economy, and the United States will fail.

That is the conclusion from the historical perspective Joseph Gerson presented at talks in Olympia on October 30th. The United States has grasped hold of (or is attempting to grab all of it) the Middle East as the equivalent of all the historical gold, silver, and resource wealth claimed by previous powers. Gerson prresent this as the great prize as a result of WWII. In this process the United States annually expends over half a trillion dollars on military hardware and forces, more than all other nations together. In addition, the United States debt to Japan, China, and Europe exceeds a trillion. This is matched by personal debt of its citizens. At some point these loaners will cash in their chips. "The Great Game" will take another step in its progression. However, the earth's resources are now nearing exhaustion. With this global climate change, the effects of peak oil, environmental destruction, human unwillingness to find another way than destructive and wasteful war making will change "the Great Game" in my opinion. This is Gerson's analysis simplified by yours truly for the sake of presentation.

Joseph Gerson's well thought out and articulated views are presented in his new book, EMPIRE and THE BOMB, How the U.S. Uses Nuclear Weapons to Dominate the World.

His action responses to the present reality encourage organizing to interact with the military and Congressional representatives to prevent war against Iran. "The Iraq War was the worst decision in United States governmental history." Gerson shakes his head with down cast eyes when responding to the possible effects of the waring against Iran as the U.S. is now postured to do. That is the immediate focus.

In the broader context of world developments I just came across the book, PARADIGM WARS, Indigenous Peoples Resistance to Globalization, by Jerry Mander and Victoria Tauli-Corpuz. Here are presented the developments of indigenous peoples, especially in Latin America, which counter the historical attacks and exploitation by colonial powers. Indigenous people seek to salvage their sustainable heritage. Merton presented the folly of the West's colonial domination ("domination without understanding") in his introduction to Gandhi and Non-Violence. Again, I carried this valuable tome with me on the Walk last summer to keep before my eyes "the crisis" of the West, indeed, of the world now that the East is emulating the West. Paradigm Wars is a flesh and blood response to this historical overshoot. Gerson too takes note of these developments.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Scotland takes dramatic step

After the last blog posting, I must add a heartening event. The Scottish political leadership is going to conduct a political process with the people to move Britain to reverse the effort to create the next generation of nuclear weapons! That is a wonderful statement in our present context.

A majority of Scottish people oppose nuclear weapons. The Faslane Trident base is in Scotland and under control of England with United States support and ultimate control. Scotland will seek the support of 122 nuclear weapon free nations. The call has gone out!

One of the main reasons I walked in the UK this past summer was to support the Faslane 365 Campaign against the next generation of Trident weapons. I have a good feeling amidst all the negative realities. Even more, I continue to discover peoples around the world who believe in life and are acting on the belief.

My frustration about inaction

What must be said about daunting times? Maybe, start by admitting that daunting times are emerging, not yet daunting to everyone. Certainly, I do not experience hunger, loss of home, life and limb. But, I do experience the pervading consciousness of other with those experiences and the causes welling up in the life of Mother Earth. The rains in the UK this summer I walked through, the draught in the Southeast USA, the fires in California, all portent the growing effect of global climate change.

To date it is estimated that the earth temperature has risen 0.8 Centigrade, that the CO2 emissions have been released which will raise the temperature to the critical threshold of 2.0 Centigrade, that a world wide emergency effort is needed to avoid further increases which could go as high as an increase of 5 degrees.

A peak oil conference took place in Houston Texas the week of October 22nd which gave new perspective about the effects and maintained the dire warnings. One observer noted that most aware Americans have a sense that something is happening, but have little understanding about what.

And, the Bush administration is moving concertedly into attacking Iran. One analysis after another states this. Frontline presented the latest this week.

What did Jesus say about removing the plank from your eye before criticizing another?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Nuclear Power Plants???

The Government will guarantee billions in insurance of new nuclear power plants if proposed legislation is passed. No one else will insure nuclear power plants. The tax payers will be saddled with it, if we allow it. Go to to see video and to learn about the legislation.

The Walk this summer went through Sellafield nuclear power and processing area. We experienced the radiated water and land. We learned about the effects. The above web site gives most of the reasons not to support nuclear power. The one not mentioned seems even more fundamental to me: when radiation enters the body, it can attack the genes and DNA. Thus, untold generations will be susceptible to cancers and diseases. The web site certainly implies that radiation can lead to the deaths of those immediately affected, but the future generations are left out.

Oh well, if future generations are loaded with debt, they might not care anyway! Ugh?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Effects of Walk

Yesterday, October 2nd, we celebrated Gandhi's birthday and my 70th (which is October 11th) with a dramatic presentation of the Foot Prints For Peace walk. I incorporated dance, which was my first action at Faslane Royal Navy Trident Base, as well as scenes and information about the walk itinerary, much of which is on this blog. Now, I share a few facts I did not know while walking.

1. The radiation from Sellafield accumulates on the beaches and sands in concentrations at estuaries. Alpha radiation clings to sand particles. Radiation extends on average for 1000 kilometers inland from the sea. The alpha and DU radiation which enters the body interacts with chemicals and the DNA producing serious effects. This simplistic statement is clearly described by Chris Busby (Statement of Chris Busby in Relation to the Millstone Reactors and Their Effect on Local Health in Populations Living Near the Sea and River Estuaries, March 26th, 2001) and Bill Adamson (The Problem With Nuclear (Part I) November 17th, 2006.)

2. DU radiation from the March 2003 Shock and Awe bombing of Iraq reached England seven to nine days after the bombing. Chris Busby reports that censors were set up around Aldermaston and recorded the radiation. This was 2400 miles from Bagdhad! reports that the "Number of Radioactive Finds on Local Beaches has doubled in a month." 17/7/07 These recordings were taken at the time we walked through the Sellafield and other areas.

Anyone have a radiation detector? My body feels funny.